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Pleated panel filters

  • Pleated panel filters

Pleated panel filters

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  • 245x245 mm
  • 285x285 mm
  • 371x371 mm
  • 401x474 mm
  • 445x445 mm
  • 495x393 mm
  • 495x495 mm
  • 496x240 mm
  • 497x370 mm
  • 594x289 mm
  • 594x495 mm
  • 594x594 mm
  • 620x494 mm
  • 622x393 mm

Made from a non-woven cotton/synthetic media, glued to a mesh grill. Uniformed wide surface area which offers low resistance, widely used for pre-filtering fresh air, computer rooms and air conditioning units. Available in 1", 2", and 4", sizes.

To get an instant quote on a non-standard pleated panel filter, use our non-standard pleated panel filter calculator.