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Replacement fume cupboard carbon filters

  • Replacement fume cupboard carbon filters

Replacement fume cupboard carbon filters

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Carbon filtered fume hoods are sometimes referred to as Ductless Fume Hoods or Recirculatory Carbon Filtration Hoods. Ecotec Filters Ltd does not manufacture for any other carbon filter system other than for hoods and cabinets for scientific and laboratory applications.

Please be aware that there are many different filters available for the multitude of manufacturers of laboratory fume cabinets and hoods for whom we supply replacement filters. Each is optimised for different uses. It would simply not be feasible to keep these in stock. Each Ecotec Filter is individually manufactured and is delivered with a Certificate of Conformity and a CD containing PDF documents if requested

Ductless fume cabinets: About the technology

Fume hoods and fume cupboards are intended to remove vapours, gases and dusts of toxic, flammable, corrosive or otherwise dangerous materials. They are one of the most important safety engineering devices in the workplace.

Carbon filtered fume hoods, (fume cabinets are the same) are normally used where exhaust to atmosphere is not necessary or possible. The decision to use a carbon filtered fume hood is often made when a laboratory is running out of fume cupboards space, or removal of vapours are required at the location of an experiment. Carbon Filtered Fume Hoods, are sometimes referred to as Ductless Fume Hoods or Recirculatory Filtration Hood.

These fume hoods can can also be fitted with HEPA filters or other "combination filters"

Safety tip 1

Recirculating or ductless filtered fume cupboards are not a direct replacement for a traditional externally ducted externally vented fume cupboard. For the simple reason that the carbon filter has a finite capacity, so this type of cabinet should be used for low volumes of vapours.

Safety tip 2

Always wipe up spills and do not leave solvent soaked cloths in your cabinet.

Service interval recommendations

COSHH regulations, generally adopted Worldwide says:

"The minimum requirement is for inspection at intervals, "not exceeding 14 months", to verify that the equipment is performing to its design specification. Confirmation of this fact enables the original COSHH assessment to be confirmed and thus a further period of COSHH complience."

Many service organisations regard it as good practice to change the Carbon Filter at the same time.

Safety tip 3

If anyone complains of headaches or tiredness in your laboratory, test your carbon filter immediately!

You may need to try a new filter from Ecotec Filters, offering you excellent absorption charateristics. If you use your cabinet for the correct applications and adopt good laboratory practices, your Ecotec Filters replacement carbon filters will give you long and effective service.