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Carbon cell filters

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Carbon cell filters

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Activated carbon cell filters consist of bonded carbon panels sealed within a galvanised steel casing. This strong construction enables the unit to withstand large air volumes and increased dwell times. A polyurethane base seals the unit totally to eliminate any air bypass.

Solid carbon panels are arranged in ‘V’ formation to deal with what may be considered high concentrations of gaseous or odour contamination. A strong and robust ‘base frame’ system is required to house this filter type. In some instances the contaminant may require the use of an impregnated carbon to enhance effective removal. Please contact us for information.

Typical applications include kitchen extract odour control, commercial food manufacturing, laboratory supply and extract systems, office air supply, and control in health institutes.

Activated carbon cell filters offer a practical solution for controlling gases and odours in airflows from 0.1m3/s up to 10m3/s +.