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Activated granular carbon filter panels

  • Activated granular carbon filter panels

Activated granular carbon filter panels

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Panel SizeWeight of carbonCapacity m3/hr0.1 sec dwell time
445x594x23 mm3.04219
495x495x23 mm2.81203
495x594x23 mm3.39244
594x594x23 mm4.06292

495x495x47 mm5.76415
495x594x47 mm6.90497
594x594x47 mm8.29597

495x495x97 mm11.51829
495x594x97 mm14.261027
594x594x97 mm17.111232

Granular Carbon Panels are constructed from galvanized mild steel with expanded mesh grilles either side. Carbon bed is supported and separated internally to provide uniform distribution of air and to reduce any bed settlement. Both sides are covered with a Cerex membrane to reduce dust migration.

Granular carbon panels offer a broad spectrum removal of contaminants, but where applicable impregnants can be introduced to base carbon granular media or extruded media to target specific containments.

Typical applications include:

  • Treatment of cooking odours
  • Industrial Air Filtration
  • General Air Filtration
  • Removal of exhaust fumes
  • Airport air conditioning systems
  • Odour control in public and office buildings

Copper impregnated for protection against volatile organic compounds. Other impregnants are available for removal of hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, formaldehyde, and sulphur dioxide.