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Fire and Smoke Damper Maintenance

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“All fire dampers should be tested by a competent person at regular intervals not exceeding one year, and to be repaired or replaced immediately if found to be faulty. Spring-operated fire dampers should be tested annually and fire dampers situated in dust-laden and similar atmospheres should be tested much more frequently, at periods suited to the degree of pollution.”

 In addition; guidelines have been introduced by the Department of Health that encourage regular testing of fire dampers. In Part B of Health Technical Memorandum HTM 03-01, fire dampers are required to be tested and maintained annually. Inspection and functional testing of smoke and fire dampers should be specified by the manufacturer.

Access panels shall be quickrelease insulated sealed panels, all manufactured and installed to BESA specification DW/144. Required location of access panel, along with party responsible for provision of the panel, is prescribed in Table 3 of BESA publication TR/19®. Kitchen Extract Ventilation Fire dampers should not be fitted (BS 9999:2017 Clause and 32.5.4). Where fire dampers are still found in older installations, these systems should be tested annually, as a minimum, as required by BS 9999, or removed from the system entirely. Removal is recommended and will require a review of the fire risk assessment. Prior to testing, a full risk assessment should be carried out.

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