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Environmental policies

Ecotec Filters are committed to reducing our impact upon the environment. From careful sorting and recycling during manufacturing, to endeavouring to conserve energy in our offices, to supplying a wide range of energy saving products. We source locally wherever feasible to cut down on carbon emissions from transporting our filters. We employ energy saving ideas at our office such as working towards a paperless office, using energy saving lighting and using efficient heating. We use recycling bins for tin, metal, paper and card and endeavour to keep our wastage down to a minimum. We recycle where appropriate and supply various energy saving products.

Please help us to help the environment by emailing us orders.

We strongly believe in helping to create a cleaner environment, and some of our products contribute towards this goal.


We use recycled card in production. Efficient recovery and recyling of metal, cardboard and wood is carried out at the recyling centre. From here, metals (including non-ferrous metals) are sent for re-use, cardboard is sorted and compacted for re-use in the paper and board manufacturing industry and wood is shredded for the chipboard industry.

Safe and efficient disposal

Anything that cannot be recycled is taken for final certified disposal at a highly-engineered landfill facility. If required by a customer, we will also ensure the safe disposal of special wastes such as carbons and HEPA filters.