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Air Quality Monitoring & Testing

The air inside your building is often many more times polluted than the air outside  It is therefore very important to ensure the quality of our indoor workplace and home environments, including the air we breathe are as clean and healthy as they can possibly be.

At its most extreme, poor indoor air quality can result in significant numbers of building occupants experiencing discomfort and malaise, increased work related health and illness issues, increased absenteeism and reduced productivity.

This situation is often referred to as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and requires expert advice and evaluation if a successful resolution is to be found Indoor air quality is a measure now used by many organisations to evaluate the suitability of indoor environments and how this impacts on the health, comfort and productivity of their employees and other building occupants.

Such factors can include reduced internal air flows, poorly managed ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), the accumulation of unwanted gases, unpleasant odours, microbial contaminants, the presence of fine particulates, and fluctuations in relative humidity and temperature.

  • Indoor pollutants, contaminants & odours
  • External pollutants, contaminants and odours
  • Ventilation & air conditioning equipment
  • Internal air flows
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

The benefits of a cleaner, healthier environment

  • The healthier the environment in your home, office, school or other facility is, the healthier the people in that environment will be.
  • It is only by identifying the risks and causes of poor air quality that real improvements can be achieved.
  • Reduce absenteeism, workplace illness, lethargy and instances of poor work performance by paying closer attention to air quality now.
  • Investing in a professional air quality assessment is like investing in the health of your business and your employees.

We offer 3 types of Indoor Air Quality Testing service:
General IAQ Assessment using our trend monitoring equipment
During these surveys we take snapshot readings of key IAQ metrics including Temperature, Relative Humidity, Formaldehyde, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, CO2 and NO2. We also inspect and measure the performance of the ventilation strategy of the building and advise on likely causes of IAQ issues and mitigation methods. We provide a comprehensive report of the measurements following our survey.
Microbial air and surface swabbings using scientific instruments
Each service comprises up to 10 sample locations. We provide a comprehensive report of the measurements following our analysis. Workplace exposure limits EH40/2005 ,  Note: air samples take 2-4 days for feedback.
Chemical absorption analysis of airborne VOCs
A comprehensive sampling of the air for VOCs and mVOCs. The sampling kit is left in situ for 1-2 hours and then sent to our AIHA accredited laboratory partner who performs the analysis. We then provide a detailed report describing the findings, possible sources/causes and prevention/mitigation suggestions.

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